Logo Possente

The authentic touch of the tradition, the experience and the determination of a family which has always been devoted to viniculture.


Longtime experience, great determination and heartfelt respect for the territory: the Possente company interprets in the best possible way the natural wine vocation of the territory of Trapani, giving life to red wines full of intense flavour and white wines with authentic taste. Indigenous and international grape varieties in which the thousand-year old knowledge of the local vinegrowers, traditionally handed down from father to son, is reflected in the passion, the talent and the expertise that the Possente family has been putting in the wine production for years. A business which on one hand is carried out following the tradition and the rhythm of nature, and on the other hand following the innovation by continuously looking for new winemaking techniques, utilizing modern winemaking machineries overcoming the weaknesses and reinforcing
the strengths of the production.


The cultivation expresses various elements. Combining ingredients which become part of the patrimony of a company expressing its philosophy: to respect the territory, together with its history and its traditions, to make the earth vital by restoring its biological activity and to strive for the absolute quality to offer only the best. Possente has always been aiming to maximize a simple principle: to work the land in a natural way and to obtain the best possible quality.
The combinations of soils, the climate exposure, the richness of minerals are just gifts from the territory. Knowing how to pick them, selecting the best grapes which then will access the next step of the production, is a constant activity committed to the expert labour of Possente’s vinegrowers.
From the harvest to the wine cellar, from the commercialization to the distribution, every moment is noteworthy, every phase is being followed with the utmost attention.
Cooperation at every level of the production and interchangeability of the roles are the additional advantages that allow to achieve the natural quality of Possente’s wines.


Working the soil with passion, trying to capture in the wine those scents, colours and tastes that one can smell, see and feel. From the combination of indigenous grape varieties such as Nero d’Avola, Catarratto and Grillo with international grape varieties like Syrah and Cabernet the Possente wines are created. Time seems to be suspended among the vineyards in Alcamo and Salaparuta, where history, culture and wine tradition are intertwined, making this territory and its wines unique. Here the Possente family works through tradition and innovation, pinpointing the strengths on which to invest, always taking into consideration the growth opportunities offered by the market.
Thanks to its history and huge experience, the Possente family is nowadays continuing its activity, always focusing on the needs of the market. Essential, simple, well defined…these are the Possente labels: identical in their aspect but different in their recipe, since the Possente family gives the same dignity and quality to each wine. That is how Rahal and Bunifat, the two classic DOC, were born, respectively belonging to the districts of Salaparuta and Alcamo, which are territories vocated to the production of high quality DOC wines.