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The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Possente comes only from carefully selected olives and pressed in the day in the family mill.
Hints of fresh grass and green tomato with a balance of taste smell difficult to forget.

Nocellara del belice and Biancolilla

first and second week of October


Type of Oil: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Variety of Olives: Nocellara del belice and Biancolilla

Area of Origin: Western Sicily (P.D.O. Valli Trapanesi) Alcamo and Salaparuta

Altitude: medium hillside

Period of Harvest: first and second week of October

Method of Harvest: Harvested by hand

Extraction system: Continuous cold extraction (within 12 hours from the harvest) and separation by centrifuge; the oil is allowed to settle and then decanted naturally

Filtering method: unfiltered

Appearance: a slightly dense oil, green in colour with golden yellow highlights

Aroma: delicately spicy

Taste: a light fruitiness with a sweet almond finish

Use: salads, raw vegetables, vegetable soups and vegetarian dishes